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I have enjoyed every minute of the course and am so pleased that I decided to embark on this wonderful journey. I have learned so much about dogs, their behaviour and why they do the things they do and along the way I have learned more about myself and human behaviour. As I have gone through the course the study and learning has caused me to stop and do some ‘soul searching’ on many occasions.
I enjoyed my studies with the ISCP tremendously. My assignments were returned very promptly along with encouraging or thought-provoking comments. I really appreciated Lisa’s personal touch and the whole ethos of her approach, and it helped a great deal to have one-to-one feedback and support throughout the course, and mentoring after graduation.
The ISCP course fills a valuable niche. Whilst it provides all technical and intellectual information necessary, the coursework is also down to earth and based on practical examples. Many people who are ‘naturals’ in the dog training and behaviour world are not highly intellectual and nor do they need to be. Many other courses would simply swamp them in paperwork and academia whilst they would rather be out ‘doing’ and making use of their intuitive skills. The bias can be towards theory rather than hands-on.
I am proud to be able to put ISCP after my name. Anyone knowing what this stands for would know that I only use compassionate and understanding methods, that I have a good understanding of the theories behind dog behaviour and that I know how to practically apply them. After gaining my diploma I was accepted as an approved Victoria Stilwell Positively Trainer.
The prompt feedback and support speeded up the learning process for me. I thought I knew a lot about dog behaviour when I started the course, but thinking through the questions in the coursework and then applying the principles within each unit to my practical work with dogs made me realise how little I knew and how much I wanted to know!  
I enrolled with the ISCP to take the Diploma, at a time when I knew there must be more info out there and I desperately wanted to learn about it. I Googled, Lisa replied immediately and everything was arranged ‘like yesterday!’ Just how I like it! And learned lots!
Personally, the ISCP course suits me perfectly, because of the bias towards dog behaviour and psychology, rather than the obsession with Learning Theory and jargon that many courses focus on. The support and understanding from Lisa in terms of her constructive response to essays and her incredibly proactive response to everyone on the ISCP Facebook group really helped. Most courses have support groups consisting of students who are helping each other limp through some very difficult (unnecessarily so) and repetitive assignments! It’s lovely that our tutor has such a good relationship with everyone that the course has its own page where people feel so supported by her.
The reason why I chose The ISCP over other courses was the strong ethical dimension. Apart from Lisa’s support, sensitive comments and very thorough and speedy marking of course-work, the ISCP was the only course in the country that I felt based all its training on working WITH the dog and responding to the signals she gives us. Nothing about the ISCP made me question methods, while other (highly respected courses) put me off because they are happy to have dogs left in cars on practical days. Lisa has created a course based on understanding a dog’s needs above all else, which reflects the best, most progressive training in the UK.  
I gained my ISCP diploma as a canine behaviour practitioner and this course is a must! As I also have a lot of other studying to do, I like the flexibility of this course and the fact that Lisa is always available to assist me or answer any questions I may have, however stupid they may seem! I feel that I have learnt a lot through the course and was learning something new every day.

Because of my studies with The ISCP, I have been accepted to be fast-tracked for the Level 3 Canine Care and Management Course at Writtle College, without having to do Levels 1 and 2 first.

The feedback & support I received throughout was excellent, constructive & very supportive. Over the years I have undertaken many courses related to my work but have never before received such excellent support. Lisa was always so quick with the feedback once units were submitted and was always on hand to answer any questions. I really enjoyed the practical study days with Lisa. My work with my foster dogs and this course has quite simply turned my world upside-down – and all for the better!
I am a volunteer at a local authority Dogs Home, which is a facility set up to take in strays. The volunteer group that I am involved in undertakes one-to-one work with some of the more challenging dogs that arrive at the centre. The ISCP is invaluable to me with this work and is providing me with the skills and knowledge I need to assist the staff and, more importantly, the dogs at the Home. I also work full time, so the flexibility that the course offers is priceless for me, and the support from Lisa and the other group members is an added bonus!
I regularly foster dogs waiting for their forever homes so I was delighted to come across the ISCP! As someone who has owned dogs all my life, I thought that I already knew quite a bit about them…but this course has really opened my eyes to just how much more there is to learn! It is really practical and informative and it has taken my understanding of my own dog to a new level, as well as increasing my confidence and ability when dealing with some of the issues that my foster dogs have. Lisa advocates only positive training methods and she has a wealth of knowledge and experience that prove that her methods work. I would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in, or love of dogs.
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it opened my eyes to lots of aspects of dog training and care that I had previously been only vaguely aware of. The ISCP community is a very welcoming and knowledgeable group, and that is thanks to Lisa’s leadership. I feel very privileged to have completed the diploma and to have become part of such a special group in the process!
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and really appreciated your help and encouragement. I learned so much and feel proud to be a member of the ISCP. I felt truly motivated and inspired all through my coursework, and having this returned so swiftly, along with the lovely practical days and GoToMeetings all helped me keep my studying bouyant. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and opening doors in my path of working and spending my life with dogs. I’m so glad I took the plunge and enrolled on this course! 
This course was a pleasure to complete, with useful information on the latest techniques and research. The course tutor was very efficient and extremely supportive. The modules can be completed at your own pace, which suited me. Highly recommended.