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The Professional Dog Sitter and Dog Walker Certificate course

£250.00 £200.00 ex. VAT

Working as a dog sitter or dog walker has become an increasingly popular career but it is still an unregulated profession. We have designed this certificate course to provide you with knowledge and understanding of how to be a professional dog sitter and dog walker.

This certificate course includes the four modules of the professional dog walker course and two additional modules for dog sitting.

Module 1. Legislation and transportation

1.1       Know UK countrywide and local legislation

1.2       Know how to transport dogs safely

Module 2. Working with dogs and clients

2.1       Understand exercise, physical health, and mental wellbeing

2.2       Understand group walks and multiple dogs

2.3       Know how to work with clients

2.4       Understand lone working and emergencies

Module 3. The impact of dog walking

3.1       Know the potential impact on the environment, people, and other animals

Module 4 Planning for potential problems

4.1       Know canine emergency first aid

4.2       Understand canine body language and play

Module 5 Dog sitting

5.1       Know roles and responsibilities

5.2       Understand house security

Module 6 Caring for dogs and other animals

6.1       Caring for dogs