Emotional Healing for Dogs Course


This online course guides you through how to combine Bach Flower remedies and compassionate, reward-based methods of behaviour modification to help dogs heal from mental and emotional imbalances that can also impact on their physical health.

Emotional Healing for Dogs can be studied separately to the ISCP diploma course in Canine Psychology and Behaviour, or alongside it. The 74 page PDF textbook that forms the basis of your studies has been written specifically for this course by Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, and is only available to students.

Students on this course have the option of joining the private ISCP Facebook group to take part in discussions with the principal, graduates and other students about dog behaviour. There is no time limit on this course once you have enrolled.


Course Details

On satisfactory completion of the course and submission of four case studies you will receive an International School for Canine Practitioners Certificate in Emotional Healing for Dogs.

There is no time limit for completion of the Emotional Healing for Dogs course, so you can study in your free time. A rough guide is around two months, though some students may prefer to spread their studies over a six month period if they are new to Bach Flower remedies and the interpretation of dog behaviour.

Emotional Healing students can join the monthly GoToMeeting video seminars alongside diploma course students, and if you’re on Facebook you’ll be added to the private group for ISCP diploma students and graduates. This will give you opportunities to learn even more about dog psychology and behaviour.

About This Course
Recommended Reading
How Do Bach Flower Remedies Work?
How to Select the Appropriate Remedies
How to Administer Bach Flower Remedies
The Remedy Descriptions in this Book
The Importance of Veterinary Checks
Your Coursework
A Recap of Main Points to Remember
Case History Form
The Bach Flower Remedies in Groups
The A-Z of Bach Flower Remedies and Behaviour Therapy
Rescue Remedy/Recovery Remedy
Sample Case Studies


Read sample text for the Crab Apple Bach Flower remedy from the course textbook. The uses for this remedy include obsessive-compulsive disorders and skin problems.

Recommendation from Dr Kac Young, author of The Quick Guide to Bach Flower Remedies

Lisa asked if she could recommend my Quick Guide to Bach Flower Remedies book as suggested reading for her Emotional Healing for Dogs course with The International School Of Canine Practitioners. Upon review of her course, I came away not only with admiration for the exceptional course she has created, but also for her dedication to healing the mind, body and spirit of dogs. As a recent new dog carer myself, I have read Lisa’s books The Heartbeat at Your Feet: A Practical, Compassionate New Way to Train Your Dog and Dog Training: The Essential Guide, and have used many of her suggestions for integrating and managing a newly rescued addition to the family. She has a knack for knowing what a dog, and their human, needs to solve emotional and behavioral issues.

In my opinion, Lisa’s work with dogs is brilliant. The course she has created for emotional healing is outstanding and will bring more compassion and healing to our canine friends. I love how Bach Flower Remedies work on humans and I have experienced their effectiveness with cats and dogs, who also need help and healing at different times in their lives. Lisa’s course has given us another exciting avenue for expressing love and kindness. Through her instructions we can give another sentient being a full and happy emotional and physical life. I applaud her work and I encourage anyone and everyone who cares for a dog to take the course and learn how to heal using the gentle energy of Bach Flower Remedies.