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Certificate in Pet Bereavement Counselling

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The ISCP Certificate in Pet Bereavement Counselling is an introduction to working with people who have experienced the loss of a loved companion animal. The course covers all aspects of end of life care, euthanasia and death, the grief process, counselling skills, client support, and how to help clients manage their grief and move on.

The course will particularly useful to behaviourists and for those working in environments where companion animal death is dealt with, such as veterinary clinics, animal shelters or pet bereavement services. We feel very strongly that behaviour and veterinary professionals should have an understanding of the vast impact the loss of a companion animal has on the caretaker, family members, and other animals in the home, so that end of life care and its aftermath can be dealt with sensitively and with compassion.



Unit 1. End of Life - Preparing for and approaching end of life
Unit 2. Euthanasia and death
Unit 3. Loss and the grieving process, and working and assistance dogs
Unit 4. The counsellor’s role
Unit 5. Ending and moving on

Refunds: There is an optional 14 day cooling off period during which you can ask for a refund on your course fee. However, as the course files are sent electronically, this means we would need to delay sending the course files until after the 14 day period is over. If you wish to take advantage of a cooling off period please send an email to our secretary at to inform her of your decision, immediately after purchasing. If you do not email the secretary we will assume that you have chosen to receive the files immediately and that you are happy to waive your right to a 14 day cooling off period and the option of a refund. Our secretary will send your files as soon as she receives your form if you have chosen to start the course immediately.