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The Association of INTO DogsDSC_0034 for trainers and behaviourists who use positive methods of working with dogs

Pet Dog Trainers of Europe for positive trainers and behaviorists throughout Europe

The CMA 

The Dog Lady: ISCP member Theo Stewart

DIAL: The Dog Helpline: ISCP member Theo Stewart

I Said Woof (Scotland): ISCP member Debby Lovell

The Crate Escape: ISCP member Karen Irwin

The Dog Welfare Alliance: Founded by ISCP principal Lisa Tenzin-Dolma

Good Dogs Training Services (Michigan, USA): ISCP member Lauren Step

Hags4Animals (Greece): ISCP member Antonia Natsiopoulou

Natures Vet Clinic : ISCP veterinary consultant Amelia Welham

Old Orchard Dog Training: ISCP member Allyson Giel

Pure Chaos 2 Calm: ISCP member Natalie Finch

Scallywags Pet Services: ISCP member Emily Briggs

Tail Talk (Scotland): ISCP member Susan Berryman

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association Vaccination Guidelines 

European Guild of Canine Bowen TherapistsOffering dogs a gentle, non-invasive and effective hands-on technique that aims to promote healing, pain-relief and body/energy rebalancing

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VetUK for a wide range of foods, products and veterinary medicines

Natural Instinct for nutritious raw food

Harringtons for wholesome complete dog food

Healthful Pets for a wide range of natural, quality pet products

Susaye Greene, musician, songwriter and artist

Bel Mooney, journalist and author

Lincoln Bark high quality dog and cat snacks (USA)

Rehoming a Rescue Dog. A useful guide