Find an ISCP Canine Behaviour Practitioner in your area

All ISCP practitioners are skilled in the science and psychology of dog behaviour and use only ‘positive’, force-free methods 
South West England

Caroline Wilkinson (Somerset and Wiltshire)

Jane Hague (Wiltshire)

Maddy Casey (Somerset)

Jessica Wilde (Somerset)

Lucy Shipway (Clevedon, Somerset)

Georgina Portch (Clevedon, Somerset)

Liz Morris (mid-Devon)

Andrew Hale (Paignton, Devon)

Lynne Hall, K9 Focus (Devon)

June Pennell (Wiltshire, Hampshire)

Samantha Dipinto (Dorset)

Annabelle Beddoe (Dorset

Claire Usen (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Cotswolds)

South and South-East

Paula Tanner (East Sussex)

Theo Stewart (Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes, Buckingham, Aylesbury, Luton Leighton Buzzard and Dunstable.)

Jeni Pirie (Milton Keynes, Buckingham, Aylesbury, Luton Leighton Buzzard and Dunstable.)

Marianne Thomas, veterinarian and Dog First Aid courses (Oxfordshire and surrounds)

Chris Kent (Cambridgeshire)

Natalie Finch (Hampshire)

Elaine Howell (Hampshire)

June Pennell (Hampshire)

Karen Irwin (Essex)

Colin Spence (Essex, London)

Clare Grierson (London) Our ISCP London Centre

Jodie White (Essex)

Merry Westall (South East London)

Eryn Martyn-Godfrey (South East London)

Susie O’Dea (Hertfordshire)

Suzie Sage, Guildford area

Lisa Hird (Cambridgeshire, Norfolk)

Ali Spence (South of England)

Lorraine Cook (Sussex and Surrey)

Hannah Walker (Sussex)

Karen Fox-Williams (North Surrey)

Michelle Holland (Brighton area)

Toni Shelbourne (South Oxfordshire, South Buckinghamshire and parts of Berkshire)

Linda Ryan RVN, (Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire areas)

Freya Locke (Suffolk)

Paula Tanner (East Sussex)

Isle of Wight

Karen Davies

Midlands and West Midlands

Allyson Giel (Ludlow, Shropshire)

Carol Ilic (Shropshire)

Debby Lovell (Shropshire)

Jasmine Richardson (Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire)

Tracie Allott (Leek , Macclesfield, Buxton ,Congleton Stoke on Trent)

Sarah Western (St. Helens) Our ISCP Northwest Centre

Emily Briggs (Rochdale, Greater Manchester)

Lois Hetherington (County Durham, primarily the Darlington area)

North of England

Isla Fishburn (Northumberland)

Lois Hetherington (County Durham)


Marie Yates (South Wales)

Lyn Cooper (Carmarthenshire, Wales)

Layne Arlina (Herefordshire, mid-Wales border)


Maxwell Muir (Edinburgh, Scottish Lothians)

Dale McLelland (Based in Ayrshire and covering the West of Scotland) Our ISCP Scotland Centre

Maya McLaughlin (Ayrshire)

Amanda Danks (East and North Ayrshire, and Renfrewshire). Email:

Susan Berryman (Nairn, Highlands and Moray)

Northern Ireland

Jodie White


International ISCP practitioners

Republic of Ireland

Stephen Marshall (Waterford) Email:

Denise O’Moore (Dublin area)

Donal Phelan, Wicklow

Marie Hannon (Meath)


Emma Lee


Rosee Riggs – ISCP Austria Centre

Patricia Bisztron – ISCP Austria Centre


Lauren Step (Michigan, USA)

Jill Breitner (Sonoma County, Marin County, USA)

Linda Michaels M.A. (Del Mar, California, USA)


Susan “Sparky” Smith (Muskoka, Ontario, Canada) Our Approved ISCP Canada Centre

Lorraine Brown (Alberta, Canada)


Teresa Tyler (Paphos, Cyprus)


Antonia Natsiopoulou (Greece)


Filip Declercq


César Sá


Sindhoor Pangal (Karnataka)

Australia and South-East Asia

Debra Millikan (South Australia)

Gayle Jordan

Tamsin MacLennan (East Victoria, Melbourne)