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Adopting a Rescue Dog Minibook

Many people are now adopting a rescue dog. This 57 page mini-book by ISCP principal Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, updated and expanded in July 2020, gives guidelines on how to choose the right dog for you, and how you can help your dog to settle in smoothly.

You can download it as a free PDF file by clicking this link: ADOPTING A RESCUE DOG MINIBOOK 2020


  • About the author
  • About this book
  • Why adopt a rescue dog?
  • Which breed or mix is a good match for you?
  • Living with a rescue dog
  • Before you collect your dog
  • Bringing your dog home
  • The first night
  • Toilet training
  • New introductions
  • Marking
  • Feeding
  • Establishing routines
  • Exercise
  • Sleeping and resting
  • Teaching good manners
  • Health
  • Play
  • Any problems or issues
  • The joys of living with a rescue dog
  • Recommended reading