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Taster Unit

Choose just one unit from the first five units in the ISCP diploma course and find out what it’s like to study with us! Perhaps your interest is in dog evolution, or how you can understand and meet your dog’s emotional needs more effectively, or you may want to discover more about your dog’s innate intelligence.

You’ll read through your unit and complete the assignment given at the end. This will be assessed in the same way as if you were a diploma student, and you’ll receive feedback from your tutor.

If you then decide that you’d like to enrol for the full course and be included in the private Facebook group and online video seminars, your fee from this unit will be deducted from your course fee if you enrol within three months.

You can find a description of the content of each unit on this page.

Fee: £45 (or the equivalent in your country’s currency)

To apply: Use the “Taster” button on the payment page and send an email headed “Taster unit” to, specifying which unit you have chosen. You’ll receive your unit and can start studying straight away.