If you wish to enrol on the ISCP Diploma course, but you would prefer to spread the payments or would rather not commit yourself to the entire course straightaway, you can now study individual modules in sequence. The sum total of the 8 modules encompasses the entire ISCP diploma course, and each module contains 2 or more of the 17 course units.

You can choose to study only up to your particular point of interest, or you can go on to complete further modules whenever you choose and subsequently gain your diploma on completion of the full course.

Each module is sent as a PDF file. Coursework is included at the end of each unit, so you will have 2 or 3 assignments to complete and return to your tutor for every module. A copy of the paperback version of the book will be sent to you on completion of your course, if you would like to have that as well as your PDF files.


Each module costs £150 (or the equivalent in your country’s currency). You pay for each module as you go along. Although some modules involve more study than others, the fee for every module is the same.


Module 1

Introduction to the course
Unit 1: Evolution
Unit 2: Canine Character and Personality

Module 2

Unit 3: The Physical Needs of the Dog
Unit 4: The Emotional Needs of the Dog

Module 3

Unit 5: Intelligence
Unit 6: The Language of the Dog

Module 4

Unit 7: Calm Guidance
Unit 8: The Dominance Myth
Unit 9: What is Normal?

Module 5

Unit 10: Top Dog and Underdog
Unit 11: Stages of Life

Module 6

Unit 12: Emotional Issues
Unit 13: Medication and Complementary Therapies

Module 7

Unit 14: Rescue Dogs
Unit 15: Old Age and Bereavement

Module 8

Unit 16: Dogs and the Law
Unit 17: Preparing For, and Writing, Your Thesis
Appendix 1: Your Career as a Canine Behaviour Practitioner
Appendix 2: The ISCP Canine Behaviour Practitioner’s Charter