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Andrew Hale

Andrew provides mental health support exclusively for ISCP members

Andrew is an ISCP graduate. He has been studying dog behaviour and working with dogs for 8 years and runs a training business in Devon, UK. Andrew provides the behavioural support for the R.S.P.C.A rescue centre in Exeter, is involved with the local Blue Cross, and is involved in lots of other community based projects.

Andrew has a degree in Psychology, and before working with dogs was a human therapist, working initially in the N.H.S but then in private practice. Andrew provides the confidential support service for members who might be struggling with aspects of their day to day life.

Andrew says ‘It is so important that people feel they have someone to talk to. It is not always easy to talk to those closest to you, and having a third party to share and confide in can often make a big difference. I love the fact the ISCP is one of the few organisations to offer a service like this. It really does feel more like a family and community than a school.’


Why do we offer this service?

It is a sad fact that many professionals in the dog training and rescue world can be at risk of suffering from poor mental health, overload and sometimes breakdown. This is often due in part to the demands and stresses of the job we do. Many of us run our own business, which in itself poses many challenges and can affect our general health and mental well being. Trying to do the best for clients can be exhausting. Working in rescue can at times be emotionally draining and can lead to compassion fatigue and burnout.

In recognition of this, the ISCP has launched this service, run by ISCP member Andrew Hale, to offer help and support to those members who are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just want to blow off some steam. Andrew has a human psychology background and spent many years as a therapist working in private practice and for the N.H.S. As he has a human support background and now runs a busy dog behaviour and training business, Andrew is well placed to know the challenges that those working professionally with dogs can face.

This service is not meant as a clinical or therapeutic intervention, but to lend a sympathetic ear and to offer some helpful strategies and advice on getting extra help and support if needed. Sometimes just talking to someone who will listen and who is not directly attached to your everyday life can be a huge help. The service is completely confidential and if any of our members wish to use the service anonymously they can set up a temporary email address that can be used just for communication. Issues do NOT have to be connected to work – the service can be accessed by any ISCP member regardless of the root cause.