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Why Choose the ISCP?

If you have ever considered why choose the ISCP, it is because we educate students of canine behaviour in the most up to date methods, and places a strong emphasis on positive dog training and rehabilitation. Seminars, talks and workshops aim to increase your understanding, and provide opportunities for face to face question and answer sessions. The Diploma course (also available in three stages) is based on discoveries made through the latest scientific research and the founder’s extensive experience of successfully working with many dogs from all breeds and backgrounds.

Dogs have been our helpmates and companions for many thousands of years, and their evolution has taken place alongside ours. They are hard-wired to bond with us, and have an extraordinary ability to understand our subtle signals and body language. Through the ISCP courses you will learn to ‘read’ dogs and to discover how and why dogs respond to humans, other animals and the environment.

Your Diploma level training with the ISCP will enable you to gain an in-depth understanding of dogs’ minds, motives, and methods of communicating with humans and with each other. Your hands-on study with dogs will reveal how quickly troubled dogs respond to compassionate methods that are based on positive reinforcement.

Much of your theoretical study for the Diploma will be through distance learning. You will be expected to also carry out a great deal of practical training and study, to video this, if appropriate, and to keep notes and write essays on your findings. Students have the option to join in on a monthly online tutorial, using GoToMeeting, and to share their experiences, ask questions and discuss their own theories throughout the course. There is also a private Facebook group for ongoing discussions between the students and the director. A practical weekend workshop in Somerset, England is included in the course.

The ISCP is accredited by UK Rural SkillsThe ISCP is also registered as a college and training provider with  the CMA, a governing body which provides global recognition for the Diploma course, and with The National Register of Dog Trainers and Behaviourists. The school is an official vendor for Pet Professional Guild. We are also approved by The Association of INTO Dogs, an organisation for behaviourists and trainers who use only positive methods, and are listed on the Lantra Courses Plus training directory for careers in animal welfare.