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Hello, and Happy New Year from all of us at Team ISCP! We wish you health, happiness, and an abundance of delight in every moment with your dogs and loved ones.

We’ve raised the course fees slightly for the first time in over 8 years (we left that as long as possible) and have started 2020 with huge discounts on all our courses right through to 31st January, so please check those out by using the dropdown box in the Courses tab.

It’s been a busy year for us, with lots of new students from all around the world, plus several wonderful new courses that you can choose from. That means even more caregivers and dogs are benefitting from the knowledge and expertise of our members, and we find that uplifting, inspiring and exciting.

Enjoy the fresh burst of energy and enthusiasm that New Year brings, and come and join our lovely community of kindred spirits if you’re considering learning more about canine behaviour, health, handling, nutrition and training!

With love,

Lisa and the ISCP team. xx

(By the way, the photo is of Monty, ISCP team member June’s gorgeous German Shepherd).