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Happy Holidays, and dates for your diary!

Team ISCP wish you a wonderful holiday season and a bright 2019! It’s been a fabulous year, with students now in 52 countries! And what better time than this to plan the year ahead and consider joining us at the exciting events that Clare, our events organiser, has been setting up.


Dates for your diaries
3rd March 2019
First Aid

Produced and Presented by Rachel Bean, Hosted by Clare Grierson in North London
23rd March 2019
Emotions – Fear  
Produced, presented and hosted by Dale McLelland, Fenwick Church Hall, Ayrshire, Scotland.      

Dates are to be announced in the New Year for the following:  

Adolescent workshop                   
Produced, presented and hosted by Lizzie Morris in Devon.
Tellington TTouch Training  workshop
Produced and presented by Janet Finlay, hosted by Clare Grierson in North London.
Reactivity study day
Produced by Clare and Janet Finlay, presented by Janet and hosted by Clare Grierson in North London.

This will be a discussion day where we don’t involve dogs, but we will explore types of reactivity, useful protocols, safety and management, and we’ll run through some case studies.

Dates for all of the above are to be confirmed, and the plan is to convert them all into webinars so that everyone can benefit from the information globally as well as rolling them out to other centres so that our members all have as much access as possible to future events, workshops and study days.

To enquire about our events and to book places, please email                                                       
All of our events will be discounted for ISCP members. Our practical study days will, as always, be free to all ISCP members. 

We very much look forward to meeting and spending time with you all next year.
Clare xx

Forthcoming events at ISCP Austria – a message from Rosee and Patricia

Patricia and I have planned two major events for ISCP Austria for the first half of 2019. These events are open to both ISCP members and local participants. We are especially looking forward to meeting ISCP members from neighbouring countries too. 

The first is a handling course, ‘Give and Take: Supporting your dog on a long lead,’ and starts with a two-day workshop on the 16th and 17th February 2019, with follow-up dates for practical experience, building on the content of the workshop.  There will be an introductory theoretical session, including –  canine body language, –  how we use our own body language to support our dog, –  how dogs naturally use the environment to orientate and to communicate with each other, –  the needs of both people and dogs on a walk, and –  long-lead technique (practising with each other so we can feel what the dog feels). –  Practical work with the dogs on a long lead. 

There will then be a series of follow-up dates for further practical experience. The content of these practice sessions builds on the weekend workshop and is observation-based, so tailored to each individual dog’s needs and skill level. Practical topics include refining the lead-handling technique, choosing the best environment for the dog, seeing other dogs at a distance and walking with other dogs. 

Required equipment: a well-fitting harness which does not restrict the shoulders or the elbows, or impede the dog’s natural movement.  A non-rubberised 5 metre lead which can glide through the fingers. These can also be purchased from us at the workshop.  

Details about this course on our ISCP Austria page

The second event is a weekend seminar by Teresa Tyler and Kerry Sands“Street dogs, sport dogs & socially deprived dogs: working with trauma for successful rehabilitation” ( 11th and 12th of May.) 
Details of the seminar’s content and biographical information on Teresa and Kerry:

All the very best from us in Austria, Patricia and Rosee 

Come and visit our website to find out more!

Many thanks for your support of the ISCP. Happy Holidays, and I hope to see you at one of the events!

Lisa xx

Lisa Tenzin-Dolma
Principal of the ISCP