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We’re absolutely delighted to announce a new affiliation between the ISCP and BHARCS  in India! Sindhoor Pangal has been an ISCP affiliate for some time, and we (and many others, including eminent scientists) have huge respect and admiration for Sindhoor and for her work in India and all around the world. We firmly believe that we all grow through working together, and can achieve so much more through collaborating with others who share the same vision of a happier world for dogs and caretakers.

Sindhoor shared the news in this post on the BHARCS Facebook page, and we shared on the ISCP page:

We believe the best way to grow is through collaboration and through partnerships, rather than plain competition. Therefore BHARCS actively seeks out organizations to associate with and finds ways to benefit learners all over the world to collaborate and learn from each other. We believe that our students must have access to the best across the globe and that all students, no matter where they are from, must have access to our knowledge base. Watch this space as we aggressively seek out organizations to engage with in different ways to create meaningful learning opportunities for students.

The International School for Canine Psychology and Behaviour Ltd – ISCP (The ISCP) is a UK based organization that BHARCS is excited to bring on as an affiliate because the ISCP successfully brings together like minded people working with dogs from all over the globe in a very positive and collaborative environment. Their commitment to learning and helping animals resonates with us. The ISCP collaboration is meant to also widen the network and reach for both ISCP and BHARCS’ students.

* ISCP students can avail special discounts for eligible practical sessions
* Select ISCP students can seek guidance in their thesis by BHARCS tutors
* BHARCS will assist select ISCP students in organizing seminars and workshops in Bangalore, for pet parents
* Select BHARCS students will be assisted by ISCP students to organize seminars in the home country of the ISCP host