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We are thrilled to announce the founding of ISCP Austria, which launches on the 31st August, and we’re looking forward to meeting ISCP students on the European continent in person. In Gleißenfeld, in the idyllic heart of Lower Austria, we (Patricia Bisztron and Rosee Riggs) shall be organising regular practical work experience, workshops and weekend seminars to enrich your training or for CPDs.

We will celebrate the opening of ISCP Austria with a buffet party on the 31st August at 5pm. We’d love to celebrate with you, so do come by! The ISCP’s founder and principal, Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, will be sending us a personal video message!

Our first event will be on the 1st and 2nd of September 2018, from 9.30am till 5pm. We count ourselves lucky to be able to present the full 2-day seminar by vet, chiropractor and behaviourist, Dr. med. vet. Dr. Carina Kriegl, ‘Läuft alles rund beim Hund?’ (Is your dog running smoothly?). Carina can normally only give parts of this lecture, so we are grateful she is helping us to celebrate the launching of ISCP Austria by presenting the complete seminar, which will be 13 hours of CPD.

In this way, we can go into depth on a fundamentally important topic. Movement is one of the definitions of life and is involved in practically all our activities with dogs. Carina will be showing us mechanisms and functions of the movement system, and gait analysis. What do physiological patterns look like? Are there variations due to breed? How do we recognise abnormalities, how do we know when a vet referral is necessary?

With the aid of visual material and exercises to school our observation skills, we’ll be learning about the basics of anatomy and physiology related to the movement system, and the abnormalities which can arise due to age, injury or breeding.

Carina is also a behaviourist and is interested in the relationship between the physiology and psychology of movement, and in the effect of abnormalities or pain on behaviour.

The seminar will be held in German, but we can translate some handouts into English and assist two or three people by translating for them if necessary. However, some knowledge of German is advisable. If there is a lot of interest in this seminar by English-speaking people, then we can host it again in the future in English. So please let us know.

Fees for the launch party and 2 days (13 hours) CPD:

For ISCP students – no fee

For ISCP graduates, as CPD – 170 Euros

For members of the public – 225 Euros

Deadline for registration and payment: 14th August. Please contact Rosee at for details.


For more information about places to stay, and to register for the party and/or the seminar, please write to Rosee at

With love,

Lisa, June, Patricia and Rosee.