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SaiPrasanna Iyengar, our new graduate in Karnataka, India, wrote her thesis on the lives of street dogs/community dogs and strays.

As SaiPrasanna writes in her synopsis:

“This thesis revolves around my observation of the last 18 years on the life of stray and community dogs (Living, eating, sleeping, behavioral, socializing & signaling patterns) with various animal & humans groups concluded by the current situation of strays in India, my project on it with the intent to humbly contribute constructively to this cause & animal laws in India that every India citizen needs to be aware of.

The statistics presented in this thesis is based on a sample size of 200 dogs we interact with currently (not withstanding our pleasant exposure to over 700 + of them). While the stats may not be accurate to the dot & T, it may be viewed as an illustrative guidance for those who’d like to gain insight into the life of strays.”

Please click on the link below to read the full thesis.