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Within the ISCP, we have a number of members who have shared their products to offer you some ideas for Christmas gifts. Whether you’re looking for something to give to a dog lover, a professional in the dog world or a gift for a dog (oh yes, we all wrap gifts for our dogs), we have ideas for you.

Charlie book cover

Our Principal, Lisa Tenzin-Dolma wrote Charlie: The Dog Who Came In From The Wild. This story tracks the story of Charlie, a feral dog who was captured and moved to the UK from Romania.



Learn to “Make the Case” for Force-Free Dog Training with this DVD from Linda Michaels M.A. Please note that there is a customs charge for those of us in the UK.


fireworkscover truth-toni wolves-toni

Three books are available from Toni Shelbourne and you can find all of the information here. Toni advises wolf organisations and zoos on wolf behaviour and management as well as working with dogs and their humans.



For our friends in Canada, Executive Pet Services now have an online store where you can buy equipment, brain games, gifts, calming tools and training.



Nutty’s Knits offers bespoke hand crafted knitwear for dogs of all shapes and sizes.



The first book in the Dani Moore Trilogy, by Marie Yates is a teen fiction novel about a teenage survivor and her rescue dog.




Presents for your dog can be found at Ruff Hounds. They have an extensive collection and you’ll find lots of gifts for your canine family members.



If you would like to study with the ISCP, we have gift vouchers you can purchase to pay for courses. If your friends and family are looking for the perfect gift for YOU, please send them to this page!

The Dog BFF Award logo 400


This gift voucher for £9.99 can be redeemed against The Dog’s BFF Award.



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This gift voucher for £50 can be redeemed against any ISCP Course.

This gift voucher for £150 can be redeemed against any ISCP Course.