Do you want to work with dogs? A diploma in canine behaviour and psychology will qualify you as a Canine Behaviour Practitioner, and this career investment will give you all the tools you need for setting up your own practice.

Already qualified dog behaviour professionals can enrol for specific units, tailored individually to fit with their previous studies, in order to gain the diploma as part of their continuing professional development.

You can also study for a Certificate in Emotional Healing for Dogs, which combines Bach Flower remedies and behaviour therapy, either independently of the diploma course or alongside this.

The ISCP is a registered college and training provider which is internationally approved by the CMA and The Association of INTO Dogs. The school is also listed on the Lantra Courses Plus training directory. 

Through your studies you will gain:

* An in-depth understanding of dog behaviour and psychology, based on the latest scientific research and findings

* Practical experience with dogs through choosing your own case studies throughout the course

* The confidence to work with dogs with a wide range of emotional and behavioural issues 

* Guidance into how to help clients to develop happier, healthier relationships with their dogs

* Access to an ongoing international support network through your tutor and ISCP graduates and students in the UK, America and Europe during your studies and after graduation. 

Course options

There are three options for studying with The ISCP. You can enrol for the full 17 unit Diploma course which will enable you to qualify as a Canine Behaviour Practitioner. You can take a step-by-step approach and study up to your particular area of interest through the modules option that is explained on this website. Or, if your interest is in complementary therapies, you can enrol for the Emotional Healing for Dogs: Bach Flower Remedies and Behaviour Therapy course.


The ISCP teaches and promotes only positive methods of working with dogs. Dogs are considered to be our best friends, and your study through the ISCP courses will enable you to form deeper bonds with the dogs in your care.

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The ISCP is a member of the Dog Welfare Alliance.

You can read testimonials from graduates and students here.



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